Carrabbin catering menu with prices 2023 and reviews (2023)

Carrabbin catering is for those who want to enjoy a varied and delicious Italian barbecue menu that brings back memories of the amazing Italian culture.

If you are looking for Italian cuisine for your event, consider Carrabba's catering, which allows easy ordering at a reasonable price.

Carrabbin catering menu with prices 2023 and reviews (1)

Carrabba's Catering, authentic Italian menu

Today, many people enjoy Italian cuisine. It is a popular choice due to the variety of dishes reminiscent of Italian culture. If you have a function, event, etc. you can think about itCarrabbin catering.

California Pizza Kitchen menu prices

California Pizza Kitchen menu prices

You will want to get a service that is efficient and will provide you with amazing food quality. They have special packages for this purpose.Carrabbin catering meniis for those who love Italian cuisine.

You can find Italian dishes that are for meat lovers and vegetarians. There is also something for the kids so that they are not left out. To avoid any inconvenience on your part, the food prices are listed on their website.

Take a look at Carrabba's menu. This will give you an idea of ​​the cost of the dishes. You will be prepared if you want to visit their restaurant to eat or if you want food delivered.

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Carrabbin catering menu with prices 2023 and reviews (5)
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Carrabbin catering menu with prices 2023 and reviews (6)
Carrabbin catering menu with prices 2023 and reviews (7)

Carrabbin catering menu with prices

When ordering catering, you need to know the price of the food. This will give you an idea of ​​what to do. You should have a budget and an estimate of how much you are willing to spend.

Exciting offers from Carrabba's catering Everyone likes to receive a surprise or offer. It makes a man excited. Carrabba has some special offers available at certain times.

For example, sometimes they have a week where kids can eat for free. Your children can enjoy Italian cuisine for free. They have some special offers on certain days. They allow you to enjoy a delicious meal at a reasonable price.

Carrabbin catering menu with prices 2023 and reviews (8)

Carrabba's Catering Main Course Menu: Individually Packaged

Carrabba's Catering Main courseIt servesCaloriesPrice
Lasagna4107014.99 dollars
Chicken specialtiesIt servesCaloriesPrice
Marsala423017.99 dollars
Caesar salad444014.99 dollars
Italian salad443014.99 dollars
Tuscan chicken: grilled427014.99 dollars
Parmesan476017.99 dollars
Bryan454017.99 dollars
A combination of penne recipesIt servesCaloriesPrice
Carrabba with chicken4102014.99 dollars
Pomodoro with meat sauce447012.99 dollars
Positano439012.99 dollars
Pomodoro with meatballs466012.99 dollars
Alfredo486012.99 dollars
Alfredo with chicken448014.99 dollars
Pomodoro435012.99 dollars

Carrabbin appetizer menu with prices

Carrabbin catering menu has the option of business delivery. They will deliver their homemade flavor directly to the place you ask them to. You can choose what you want from the menu.

They have indicated how many servings are possible, which makes your job easier. Carrabba's Antipasti are the most famous in Carrabba's menu, Antipasti with prices follow,

Carrabba's Catering Menu Appetizers Menu prices

Carrabba's Catering predjelaIt servesCaloriePrice
Mushrooms: Stuffed with sausage and cheese5212017.50 dollars
Shrimp: shrimp5533025.00 dollars
Meatballs with ricotta cheese5381020.00 dollars

Carrabba's Catering Entrees menu prices

Carrabba's Catering Menu Appetizers can serve up to 10 people. You can choose from Wood Grilled Chicken Marsala, Chicken Bryan, Pollo Rosa Maria, Parmesan Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Salmon and many more. Carrabba's Catering with menu prices are given below,

Carrabbin catering menu with prices 2023 and reviews (9)
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Carrabba's Catering meal packages with prices

Carrabba's Catering meal packagesIt servesCaloriesPrices
Lasagna5823062.50 dollars
crescent moon5420062.50 dollars
Chicken Parmesan5380086.50 dollars
Chicken Bryan5974086.50 dollars
Chicken cooked with marsala wine sauce5184086.50 dollars
Marsala roast beef53720104.00 dollars
Rose Mary Chicken5276089.00 dollars
Tuscan chicken: grilled5137081.50 dollars
Salmon capers5455096.50 dollars
A combination of penne recipesIt servesCaloriesPrices
Tongue & tongue51012065.00 dollars
Pomodoro & meatballs5572062.50 dollars
Positano and chicken5474065.00 dollars
Positano5364057.50 dollars
Alfredo5865057.50 dollars
Chicken5974065.00 dollars
Pomodoro5296057.50 dollars
Orphan5100072.50 dollars
Pomodoro and meat sauce5423062.50 dollars
Carrabba's protein5888057.50 dollars
Rigatoni combination of recipesIt servesCaloriesPrices
Martino5677057.50 dollars
Martino and chicken5677065.00 dollars
Martino and sausages5707065.00 dollars
Campagnolo5572062.50 dollars

Carrabba's Catering Menu Pages

Carrabba's catering sides can serve up to ten guests and are the perfect addition to any meal. You can choose from seasonal vegetables, Tuscan bread, macaroni and cheese and much more.Page menuwith prices is as follows.

Carrabba's Catering soups, salads and sides

Carrabba's Catering soup, salads, accompanying menuIt servesCaloriesPrices
Broccoli: stewed5143014.00 dollars
Mashed potatoes: garlic5351014.00 dollars
Page:Tomato penne5247014.00 dollars
Chicken soup: Sicilian flavor (Mama Mandola)5201014.00 dollars
Carrabba's Catering meni SalateIt servesCaloriePrice
Caesar5278014.00 dollars
Italian5232014.00 dollars
Creamy Parmesan: Home Style5236014.00 dollars

Carrabba's Catering Meni Deserts

Sweet desserts such as Homemade chocolate cake, delicious Tiramisu and the favorite Desert Rosa are the perfect end to the meal. Carrabba's catering desserts can serve twelve guests. Carrabba's Dolce menu prices are listed below,

Carrabba's Catering Desserts Menu prices

Carrabba's Catering DesertsIt servesCaloriesPrice
A chocolate dream51339027.50 dollars
Cookies: Freshly baked53490-374010.00 dollars
Tiramisu101244055.00 dollars
Cannolis (mini)5294012.50 dollars

Carrabbin drinks menu with prices

Carrabba's Catering's drink menu includes brewed iced tea and homemade lemonade. Drinks are sold by the gallon, and each gallon can serve up to 8 guests. Carrabba's drink menu with prices is below,

Carrabba's Catering drink menu with prices

Carrabba's Catering menu DrinksIt servesCaloriesPrice
Mineral water: S. Pellegrino Sparkling102.00 dollars
A gallon of lemonadeIt servesCaloriesPrice
Handmade1020906.99 dollars
Handmade: strawberry flavor1026909.99 dollars
Handmade: raspberry flavor1029909.99 dollars
A gallon of freshly brewed teaIt servesCaloriesPrice
Sweet tea10in 17906.99 dollars
Blackberry flavored tea without sugar1006.99 dollars
Tea without sugar1006.99 dollars

Vegetarian menu of Carrabba's catering

It is important to consider vegetarian options when looking for a catering service. Carrabba has vegan options for vegans. You can get pasta, salads, side dishes, like this. You can get this at their restaurant.

Carrabba's has the best salads in town. Each salad at Carrabba's serves up to ten guests. Salads can be prepared with a light balsamic dressing. Carrabbina catering Soup of the day has 3 options; Homemade salad, Italian salad and Caesar salad.

Carrabba deals with different types of events. You can contact them and they will guide you. They can also make any family event amazing.

If you would like to order some vegan options for the event, you can do so here. There are numerous dishes to choose from.

  • Spring vegetarian pasta:A wonderful combination of fresh vegetables, pasta and a light, aromatic sauce.
  • Salted caprese:Classic Italian salad with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and balsamic glaze.
  • Plate with grilled vegetables:A selection of grilled seasonal vegetables, perfectly seasoned and charred to perfection.
  • Eggplant Parmesan:Breaded eggplant slices coated in marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, baked to perfection.
  • Pizza Margherita:Thin-crust pizza topped with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil leaves.
  • Stuffed mushrooms:Mushroom caps stuffed with a salty mixture of breadcrumbs, garlic and herbs, baked until golden brown.
  • Roasted vegetable penne:Penne pasta topped with roasted vegetables, garlic, olive oil and a little red pepper.
  • Spinach and cheese ravioli:Tender ravioli filled with a delicious mixture of spinach and cheese, served with a sauce of your choice.

The best catering items in Carrabba

There are many popular items on Carrabba's catering menu that are served the most because of their taste and price. A few are given below,

  1. Garlic puree
  2. Tomato corkscrew
  3. Chocolate Dream "Chocolate Dream"

Carrabba is perfect for business catering

Perfect for business catering are family packages that are designed to feed a certain number of people. You can check which one is available. For example, there may be a Lasagna Family Bundle that serves 4-5 people.

In addition, you can choose a salad and bread of your choice. Other packages are present like this one which allows you to select one of their choices by looking at theCarrabba is less.

When organizing any business event, you will be looking for catering that will deliver quality food. You want to impress people, and what better way to do it.

If you order effective catering, your event can be a success. Carrabba's prices can be reasonable if you check out their catering packages. They have different dishes and options.

Carrabba's Catering Reviews

If you're looking for a way to celebrate a special event, Carrabba's may be the perfect choice. This popular chain offers catering services that will surely satisfy your guests.

The popular Italian chain of restaurants offers catering services that are increasingly popular thanks to quality food and affordable prices.

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Carrabba Customer Service

These links will provide you with various resources and information related to Carrabba, including their website, nutritional information, online ordering, catering menu, social media profiles and contact information.

You can also check out these Catering Menus with prices for your next event,

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  • Olive Garden Catering
  • Chipotle Catering
Carrabbin catering menu with prices 2023 and reviews (10)

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