What you should know about Jimmy John's delivery (2023)

What you should know about Jimmy John's delivery (1)The full name of this company isJimmy John's Franchise LLCand that, of course, points you to two relevant aspects of the company.

One:operates according to the franchise system. In 2013, 98% of all Jimmy John's locations in the US were franchise-owned. Would you like to open a sandwich shop in your area that would bear the name of this popular company? Congratulations - you will be one of the rough ones200 individualswho decide to do so every year.

The second thing the name tells you is that it was founded by a guy named Jimmy John –liautaud, to be more precise. This Jimmy John got the choice when he graduated second in his class in 1982. He could eitherjoin the army or open a company. Liautaud took a $25,000 loan from his father and opened a hot dog shop. He soon turned it into a sandwich place, which he thought would be more profitable.

The first Jimmy John's was opened in acar garage in Charleston, Illinois, with used equipment (freezer, refrigerator, oven, meat slicer). Soon the initial owner found his clients - students at nearby Eastern Illinois University. It didn't take long before he bought his father's share of the business.In 1993, the first franchise was opened, u Eau Claireu, Wisconsin.100thJimmy Johnswas opened in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan (2001),sandwich shop no. 500under this franchise was opened in Seattle, Washington (2007), docYes. 1000is in Beaverton, Oregon (2010).

In addition to sandwiches (8" subwoofers, giant sticks, ordinary slims and brandsJ.J. Guaranteed), side dishes, drinks and in generaldostava hraneservices, Jimmy John's also offers the following:

  • Catering services.Delivery usually requires at least 24 hours notice, but Jimmy John's caterers have been known to occasionally fulfill rush orders. Their party offerings include mix and match sub or club mix platters, box lunches, jumbo subs, gourmet chips and cookies, as well as drinks and pickle buckets.
  • Gift cards.Gift cards are reloadable and can be purchased individually or in bulk. The minimum amount to load is $5, and options go all the way up to $100. The company recommends purchasing these personalized cards as wedding or graduation gifts. Holders can check their balance online and recharge their cards.
  • Brendiran oprema.Marketed under the tagline "We're bringing back wacky!", JJ's gear includes hats (covers, mesh backs, caps and visors), apparel (t-shirts, jerseys, thermal jackets, t-shirts and boxers), plus bags, bandanas, and backpacks. Website users can create their own equipment wish list online.

Founded: Charleston, Illinois

Headquarters: Champagne, Illinois

Locations: Most of mainland US (see map below)

Company website:www.jimmyjohns.com

What you should know about Jimmy John's delivery (2)

US states covered by the Jimmy John's restaurant chain

About Jimmy John's delivery

When ordering online, Jimmy John's customers must first decide betweenpick upidelivery. The process also requires input of a validstreet address. The address is required at this time, so we can see if you arelocated in the area where the company delivers, ornear the restaurant where you can pick up your order. Registration is not required until the ordering process is complete.

Theonline menu at Jimmy John'sincludes comprehensivenutrition informationand facts aboutallergensincluded among the ingredients. The menu is also available on the company's website at.pdf format for printing.

What you should know about Jimmy John's delivery (3)

Jimmy John's takeout menu

Note that Jimmy John's was hit by ashortage in the turkey meat industry, since its supplier is located inMississippi turkey fly way. The company says it refuses to sell stuffing meat, which is why restaurants in certain areas, which are supplied by Mississippi-based farms, will not sell turkey meat. Restaurants in other areas, e.gTexas,Maryland, orIndiana, have turkey available.

Jimmy John's Delivery Areas

Due to the franchise structure of the restaurant chain,delivery areas for Jimmy John's have caused problems over the years.At this point, since most stores are franchised, this is rarely the case anymore—however, just 3 years ago,some franchises were not allowed to deliver orders(although they allowedpossibility of download).

Another frequently encountered scenario is living in an area where there are several Jimmy John's, but find out thatthe nearest restaurant does not deliverfor some reason. The only definitive list of available restaurants in your area can be found viastore locatorfunction on JJ's main website. Simply search for "Jimmy John's restaurants near me" on the website. They will deliver within a 5 mile radius of any store as a general rule.

What you should know about Jimmy John's delivery (4)

Jimmy John's Gourmet Giant Smoked Ham Club Sandwich

Jimmy John's Delivery Time

According to official company information, as well asblog posts of alleged employees,most orders should be delivered within 20 minutesIn average. On slow days, this can take 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the distance between your location and the nearest Jimmy John's store that will receive your order. In busy urban areas, the average delivery time can range up to30 minutes. However, there is no official company policy on how long it takes for an order to arrive, nor is there a money-back guarantee for customers.

As a side note, in many crowded meetings,Jimmy John's also delivers by bicycle. A bicycle may not seem as fast as a car, but when traffic is heavy, it can significantly reduce delivery times. Also, it's probably a better ideadecide to pick up your order yourself, if you live in an area with heavy traffic.

What you should know about Jimmy John's delivery (5)

Delivery staff from Jimmy John's, traveling by bicycle

The company encourages customers whose orders do not arrive40 minutesto directly contact the store where they ordered.Call the restaurant on the phone. You have their number available on the official website and you may find that they are willing to throw in some free stuff with your deferred order or even waive the cost altogether. Reported by some clients in high-traffic urban areaswaiting even an hour for their order to arrive.

Jimmy John's Delivery Fees

Shipping charges vary depending on your location. This is equally true foronline menu prices, which differ from one delivery area to another. To see menu prices for your area, you must first enter your address during the online ordering process.Delivery costs are mostly included in the menu price, meaning there are no additional charges beyond what is added to the total amount of your order.

As of this writing,the minimum order at Jimmy John's was one sandwich per customer per order.Although prices will vary, this is generally the case$3.99 for a thin sandwich,$4.99 for a sub sandwichi$5.99 for a club sandwich. This means that no, you cannot order just a drink or a side dish.

Additional information about Jimmy John's delivery

There are several "Easter Eggs" available for customers who know how to order like a pro at Jimmy John's. In other words, the restaurant chain offers some sandwiches that are not on the menu. Typical JJ's sandwich menulists only 18 sandwiches, but you can also search for:

  • Tanak BLT. This is an 8 inch sandwich with six slices of bacon. Keep in mind that in some stores, no one may know what you're talking about - not even the store manager!
  • So timid. This is actually J.J. Gargantuan with twice the amount of meat. Pro Tip: It will take longer to craft than a regular Gargantuan.

What you should know about Jimmy John's delivery (6)

Regular J.J. Gargantuan (TM) sub sandwich

About tips: In many areas,delivery drivers will earn 4.7% commission for each delivery job they complete.However, this is not universally true; also, in terms of official pay, drivers earn lower wages than store staff. Be generous anddon't forget to tip the driver, whenever appropriate.

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How much should you tip a Jimmy John's delivery driver? ›

I maintain the standard 20% dining room tip is a bottom dollar minimum in these situations (that's $1.40 on a $7 sandwich), due to the costs and risks associated with maintaining a vehicle . Local drivers tell me that $2-3 dollars is standard for a single delivery.

Why doesn't Jimmy John's deliver anymore? ›

In a February 2019 ad campaign, Jimmy John's said it would “never” authorize third-party delivery companies to transport its sandwiches. The partnership comes as DoorDash announces a new self-delivery service for merchants, which allows them to fulfill their own orders but benefit from the reach of DoorDash's app.

How long is too long to wait for Jimmy John's? ›

The freshness of a Jimmy John's sandwich is so important to the brand that they refuse any delivery over five minutes.

What is the farthest Jimmy John's will deliver? ›

Jimmy John's only delivers up to five minutes away from the sourcing store. Why? According to Jimmy Johns, It's ”Freaky Freshness.” Any farther than that and the sandwich is at risk of losing its freshness. So it's not that Jimmy John's can't deliver more than five minutes away, it's that they won't.

Does the delivery fee go to the driver? ›

What's the delivery fee, and who gets it? Delivery fees do not compensate the driver directly. Instead, they are typically used to cover the cost of gas, insurance, parking tickets, and other company expenses related to transporting your food.

Is it OK to not tip delivery? ›

Most food delivery providers encourage customers to tip drivers, even if they're paying delivery fees, especially if the driver had to ride in the rain or if they had to put in some extra effort delivering an exceptionally large order.

Is Jimmy John's struggling? ›

Jimmy John's struggled during the pandemic, like many chains, with sales falling 8.5% despite its delivery business—most of the chain's sales are still walk-in, which was a problem during the pandemic.

Why is Jimmy Johns freaky fast? ›

To keep up with multiple orders, if employees aren't delivering or filling orders, they're either food prepping or waiting on stand-by for the next one to come in, making the overall Jimmy John's experience (conveniently) freaky fast.

How do I know when my Jimmy John order is ready? ›

Just check the "Get Order Status Notifications" box after you've placed your order on the app, or view your Order History at jimmyjohns.com, to keep track of your order. Use Jimmy John's Order Tracker to See how soon you'll be eating wholesome bread & veggies with plenty of all-natural meats and real cheese.

How long can Jimmy Johns stay out? ›

Answer: Most types of sandwiches can be safely left out at room temperature for about two hours — or one hour if the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. But it depends on the type of sandwich.

What is Jimmy Johns longest sub? ›

On Monday, Jimmy John's announced the rollout of a major update to its menu, featuring a new sandwich size that measures a whopping 16 inches. The freaky big sandwich option is fittingly dubbed the GIANT and, well, it's literally like eating two of JJ's regular-sized original subs.

What is the biggest sub at Jimmy John's? ›

16" J.J. Gargantuan® Combo.

What is an appropriate tip for a delivery driver? ›

If everything goes smoothly with your delivery and the weather is good, 20% is the standard cost of having the mealtime brought to your doorstep.

Do Jimmy John's workers get tips? ›

Workers can make $100 in tips per day

One former Jimmy John delivery driver claimed on Glassdoor that it is possible to take home $100 in tips depending on the size of the area's population: This reviewer was from Fargo, North Dakota, which has a population of 126,375.

Is it standard to tip delivery guys? ›

Tipping is not required, but it is customary to tip your delivery guys as a way to say thank you for a job well done. This is especially true in the case of a difficult or demanding job, or when a professional goes above and beyond to provide a high level of service.

Is it better to tip delivery drivers in cash? ›

Always tip cash if you can. Some places actually short drivers on their earned tips when they cash out, so you can make sure the driver is getting their tip by using cash. Cash tips also allow drivers to not claim it as income on their tax returns, effectively adding 20–30% to the tip.


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